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The Advisory Neighborhood Commissions are the grassroots level of District of Columbia government. If DC was a state (which it should one day be), our mayor would be the governor, our City Council would be the state legislature, and the ANCs would be town councils. Each Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner represents a geographic area with approximately 2,000 residents counted in the last US Census.

Just like members of Congress, ANC Commissioners are elected at the General election every two years. ANC seats are nonpartisan, and there is no primary election for this office. ANC Commissioners are volunteers and are not paid for their service. Residents living in each ANC Single Member District can only vote for the Commissioner representing their SMD.

ANC Commissioners must reside in the SMD they represent. Each ANC Commission consists of two or more Commissioners. The boundaries of each SMD and Commission are determined through a redistricting process conducted every 10 years after the completion of the US Census. Each Commission is part of one of the eight Wards into which the District of Columbia is divided in the same redistricting process that determines ANC boundaries. The current boundaries became effective on January 1, 2013.

ANC Commissions are empowered to render opinions on every proposal affecting the communities they represent and the citizens of the District of Columbia as a whole. So ANCs have a role in the approval and renewal of liquor licenses, historic preservation and zoning approvals for permits for major construction projects, and agency performance. Parking issues, trash collection, and the school budget are all eligible for ANCs to make recommendations on. 

But ANCs do not make the final decisions. The Commissions and Commissioners play an advisory role, but the mayor, Councilmembers, and agency directors and appointed boards and commissions make the ultimate decisions.

 ANC Commissioners can be active and play an important role in improving the day-to-day quality of life of their neighborhoods. Listening to constituents and effectively partnering with nonprofits, developers, businesses, other ANCs, and District government agencies have been the hallmarks of my 16 years of service as an ANC Commissioner.

I spend dozens of hours each month attending community meetings to update neighbors about what is happening and is being proposed for our neighborhood and obtaining their feedback about these projects, service delivery needs, and ideas for new initiatives. I spend an equal amount of time calling, emailing, and meeting with District government officials and the private sector ensuring my constituents’ voices are heard and that their needs and wishes are addressed. 

I answer phone calls and emails from constituents and meet with business owners and government agency representatives daily, and am stopped by constituents every time I am on the street. I testify at DC Council hearings and am quoted by media frequently about Shaw issues.